3 Common exercise pitfalls to avoid for beginners

When starting an exercise program it can be exciting but you can easily derail if you fall into one of the pitfalls below and when I started I faced all these issues which not only messed up my progress but also injured me. In this post I want to share 3 common pitfalls beginners face when starting a new exercise program.

Pitfall number 1: You are not using correct form

Using incorrect form can not only stop your progress but also lead to injury. I struggled with incorrect form when I first started.

I thought the heavier the weight I lifted then the more progress I was making when in reality it took a longer recovery time due to the injury and because of the incorrect form I did not actually make the progress I was seeking.

I recommend that any exercise you add to your workout plan you watch a video of how it should be correctly performed before you attempt it. This should ensure you minimise the risk of injury and will stop you guessing if you are doing the exercise correctly.

Pitfall number 2: You are not being consistent

This one needs an example. Let’s say you was using a pickaxe to break a stone in half. You wouldn’t break it by hitting it really hard just once. You would hit it a bunch of times but it wasn’t the final strike that broke it. It’s all the strikes you made against the rock. The same applies to your progress in your workouts.

The consistency is what will drive your results. You could have a perfect workout where you execute it perfectly but if you only did it once you would not achieve the goals you set.

Being consistent also helps you minimise the times when things go wrong (because they will at some point). Lets say you was not able to workout today but you continued with your workouts later in the week well over time the off days you have will not matter because you carried on and through being consistent it covered up your mistakes.

It’s okay to miss a day here or there due to other commitments just ensure you get back on it as soon as possible and don’t turn it into a negative habit.

Pitfall number 3: You are trying to do too much

Whether its the amount of weight you are lifting or the days you are exercising doing too much can lead to injury and if you do too much in terms of days doing a workout then you could be losing progress in future workouts if you still have not recovered.

Here is a simple way of telling if you need to dial it back. Are you still recovering from your previous workout before you start the next? If yes then you need to dial it back and either do less exercises in the workout or have a rest day between the workouts. Recovery is key to growth. Your body needs time to recover to ensure it can perform optimally.

What do you think of the pitfalls above? It’s important to understand how not to do things so we can make good progress towards our goals. Let me know in the comments the experience you had with the above.

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