3 issues why weight loss programs will not help you

Today I will cover 3 issues as to why some weight loss programs you have tried do not help you achieve your goals.

Not all programs are created equal and to find out if a weight loss program is any good we need to explore the issues listed below. Let’s get started.

Issue 1: The program focusses too much on exercise over nutrition

You can’t outwork a bad diet.

I was told this early in my weight loss journey but I did not pay much attention to it. I thought it does not matter because if I do more exercise than surely I can lose more weight faster.

But in reality about 80% of your weight loss will come from your diet/nutrition. The problem with some weight loss programs is that they focus too much on the optimal exercise plan for you. Essentially saying that the exercise is more important than the diet.

And then for diet they include one or two meals plans and expect you to follow it exactly. You should look for weight loss programs that show how you can change your diet to get the best results. A program that can explain to you what you need to eat and in what amounts to optimise weight loss.

Ideally these would also include meal plans. But the plan at its core must include a guide on why and how nutrition helps you to lose weight.

Issue 2: You are expecting too much of the program

The program is meant to be a guide.

You also need to be consistent and put in the work as the program lays out. A lot of people think that as long as they just do the exercises or just the diet in the program that they will see results.

They think that doing the program only for a few weeks will get them to their goals but this often is not the case. You need to be consistent as change will be slow.

Only doing a portion of the program will not generate the results you are looking for.

Issue 3: The program is not adaptable

When you start a weight loss program you should be able to adjust the diet in a way that ensures you hit the same macros and calorie count with different food.

This means that you are not stuck with that diet forever and that you can increase the adherence to the program. The program can only work if you are consistent and being able to swap out certain foods and have some adjustment will help keep you on track.

This could be choosing a different protein source or carbohydrate source for certain foods.

As I said in issue 1. A good weight loss program will help you understand what is needed in terms of diet to achieve your goals. Rather than the program being so rigid and unchangeable that is causes adherence issues down the line.

I have personally been on programs in the past where you are given a set of exercises to do and a set meal plan. Which looks great at first. But a week later you start secretly eating because you just don’t enjoy the food on your current weight loss program anymore.

Have you been on weight loss program before? How many of the above issues have you faced?

Remember that no matter what program you go with it needs to be adjustable to your lifestyle. More importantly you need to see the program as a tool. It can guide and help you but you must put in the work and the effort. Only then can you see if they program delivers the results you are looking for.

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