3 ways to count calories more easily

When losing weight tracking is key but counting calories can get tedious and cause more friction then its worth so in this post I have 3 ways for counting calories more easily

Number 1: Use an app or online tracker

Using an app takes a lot of work out of counting calories because these apps have a library of foods with nutritional information already in them which makes it simple to add and keep on top on your nutrition.

I recommend starting with MyFitnessPal as it has a large library of foods available and has meal plans and tracking for weight and size measurements.

Using an app or online tool to track your calories is recommended as a paper based tracking system means it is not as easy to add food and check nutritional content.

Number 2: Dont worry about the exact brand and figures

When you first start losing weight you dont need to focus too much on the exact figures from a certain brand of food. As long as you have a rough value then as long as you consistently track then you will still have the benefits of calorie counting.

Number 3: Save a template for commonly used meals

Meals you know you will have on a constant basis should be recorded and then logged as that meal so you know that meal will have the same nutrition and so that it makes it simple to track.

For example if theres 3 components to your meal instead of logging each component for that meal time then save them as a meal and each time just log the meal.

When using the MyFitnessPal app when you log your saved meal then you can also add to it which makes it easier to track food when you have any additional food with the meal.

Remember to count calories consistently you will need to make it easy and effortless. Because if you find it becoming tedious then eventually you will give up and not logging what you consume makes it harder to see where you are going wrong in your plan. Hopefully the 3 ways above help you track your calories more easily.

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