3 ways to get more water in throughout the day

Being well hydrated not only helps your body perform at its best but also has many health benefits and in this post I want to share 3 ways to get more water in during the day to stay well hydrated. Let’s begin.

First way: Get a dedicated water bottle

Dedicated water bottles have 2 benefits. The first being that its a visual reminder you have water left to drink which can help you take sips throughout the day to stay hydrated.

And second being because water bottles show how much water it can hold its a good way of keeping track of how much water you have had.

Finished your 1.5L bottle of water? Great you now know you had 1.5L of water. Having a simple cup of water makes it more difficult to track.

I recommend this water bottle by Favofit to start with as it has labels and a good size (1 litre).

Second way: Know that having some water suppresses your appetite

Often when I felt hungry then I would have some water which helped suppress my appetite which helped keep cravings at bay.

Also understand that by drinking more water you can limit other drinks you may have.

Let’s say you want to cut down on your sugary drink consumption. By increasing your water consumption you would feel too full to over consume on sugary drinks.

Ideally drinking more water so that by the time you finish your water you don’t feel like having other sugary drinks.

Third way: Pace yourself with the amount you plan to consume

So you plan to increase your water consumption and got yourself a water bottle to help with that but thats not a reason to rush drinking the increased amount of water.

If you are planning to increase by a litre then pace yourself and take it throughout the day. Theres no benefit in drinking it as fast as you can.

Whats your current situation with water at the moment? Do you get enough? Do you plan to increase your consumption of it? Hopefully this post showed you 3 ways of increasing your water consumption.

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