3 ways to making meals simple

In this post I will cover 3 tips on making meals simple. Making meals simple is a great way of increasing diet adherence. Over the long term this will help you stick to the diet and achieve your weight loss goals.

Tip 1: Meal prepping ensures its easier to stay on track

Before I meal prepped I had to cook every meal every day.

This meant that on stressful days I was more likely to order out then eat a healthy meal. If only there was some way of having a healthy meal already prepared for you so you do not have to order out.

There is and its called meal prep. The idea of meal prep is simple. You cook your selected food ahead of time and refrigerate the rest.

For example if I have a recipe that makes 4 servings I can have one serving today and put the rest in containers in the fridge. This means the same meal will be available to me for the next 3 days.

This means I wont have to cook or worry about if I have food available for the next 3 days. I am also less likely to order out as I already have food available. Ensuring I stay on track and can ensure I am in a calorie deficit for weight loss.

Tip 2: Plan what you will eat in advance

It is no good not having a plan of what you will eat. Planning what to eat for the next week, month or longer can help you reach your goals.

When you plan what to eat you know exactly how many calories, carbs, fats and proteins will be in your diet. It is important you sit down and create a plan of what you will be eating so it makes everything easier for you.

Food shopping will be easier because you know exactly what you need to get instead of mindlessly shopping. You can also swap out ingredients and meals to better accomplish different goals. For example switching one or two meals could increase your protein or if you find our current diet is making you have less energy.

Switching could also fix that. But these can only be done when you plan your meals. Plan your meals and use meal prepping from tip 1 to help you easily stay on track with your planned meals.

Tip 3: Less ingredients = better adherence

When I began my weight loss journey I tried all these meals that had a lot of ingredients in them.

The problem with this is not only does it mean you have to shop for more ingredients but also to cook with more ingredients. Although I meal prep and do not spend much time cooking I still do not want to be using too many ingredients as it overcomplicates and wastes time.

I guess what I am trying to say is that more ingredients does not equal a better dish. In the beginning you will want to prioritise diet adherence and cooking with less ingredients and making simple recipes will help you achieve that.

What do you think of these 3 tips on making meals simple? Let me know in the comments. Remember that good diet adherence is the biggest win you can make early on in your weight loss journey.

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