5 Ways to spend less money when you start to diet

When starting to diet one thing that comes up more than most and that is “How much will this diet cost me?”. In this post I will share 5 tips with you that helped me to control the costs of going on a diet. Let’s get into it.

1. Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk is a great way to save on cost when buying the ingredients for your diet.

Often grocery stores will run promotions on multi buys or bigger quantities. Instead of buying a 300g bag of chicken breast you could pay only a bit more to get a 1kg bag. By buying in bulk you not only save on costs but also don’t have to go food shopping as often which is an added bonus.

When buying in bulk remember to be aware of expiry dates. Theres no point in buying a months worth of chicken only to throw some away later.

2. Go for frozen over fresh

Frozen food such as meat, poultry, fruit and veg can last for ages in the freezer and because they can be stored for longer they are cheaper as the grocery stores don’t have to worry that much about when the item will expire.

Buying frozen food also gives you the benefit of a longer storage time. Meaning less trips to the grocery store and reducing costs.

3. Buy your groceries online to prevent overspend on in-store promotions

Buying your food shopping online forces you to focus on getting just what you need.

Sure you can search for items off your diet but you have to explicitly do this. Whereas in the shop the promotions are everywhere so its much harder to avoid these temptations.

By shopping online you not only save money by focussing on what items you actually need but also reduce the risk of putting something you shouldn’t in your basket.

4. Dont buy premium brands unless it offers clear benefits

Premium and own brands may seem different but from what I have experienced its mostly the same.

When dieting on a budget you want to focus on the most food for your money and buying own brand products will greatly help you achieve that.

Premium items can be purchased but they should offer a clear benefit e.g. the premium brand avoids ingredients you don’t want in the own brand alternative.

5. Dont fall into the supplement trap

When you start dieting it will be tempting to buy supplements such as protein powders, cookies, fat burners etc.

But we know that around 80% of your weight loss will come from your nutrition. When you are first starting out you do not need to worry about supplements.

Supplements are expensive and you should only used them if you really need them. Not because some influencer told you too.

What do you think of the 5 tips above? How many will you implement? Remember that cost is a big reason why many people cannot stick to a diet. But with the tips above I hope they help you have a good start with your weight loss journey.

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