A little about me.

Hi, my name is Ryan and in 2018 i was 118kg and obese, i had slowly gained weight over time by overeating and not focussing on controlling my diet, initially i didn’t know where to start, just like you i was overwhelmed with all the online resources and constant social media ads showing me the latest diet, pill or exercise that apparently was going to make me a healthy weight, instead they didn’t work leaving me feeling hopeless and if it was even possible to lose the weight i had gained. Over the past 3 years i slowly learned what worked, by trial and error and listening to what my body was telling i was able to slowly lose the weight, i bounced back a few times due to poor habits and low self esteem. Eventually through trusting the process, good daily habits and techniques that made it easier for me to eat healthy food. I was able to consistently lose weight and in May 2021 i finally hit 78kg and was in the healthy weight range for my height.

My goal with this blog.

I started this blog so i could help others learn what actually needs to be done in order to lose weight, I cover topics from nutrition to training and what you should watch out for during your weight loss journey. I hope you find the articles I write informative and if you have any questions please get in touch.