Carbohydrates are not the enemy

When I first started my weight loss journey I always thought that carbs were the enemy. I was taught via online influencers and videos that if I wanted to lose weight fast then I should cut out carbs completely. Not only was this advice incorrect but also made me believe that all carbohydrates were bad. When in actual fact carbohydrates are part of a normal and healthy diet.

Why nearly everyone believes carbs are bad for you

Because of online influencers and many articles saying that by cutting carbs can make you lose weight fast has lead to a lot of people believing that carbs are a cause of weight gain. But we know that the overconsumption of calories and poor eating habits are the real reason people gain weight.

Be aware of the type of carbs you are consuming

There are two types of carbs. Simple and complex. Simple carbs are fast digesting. These are things like sugars, bread, cereals etc. Complex carbs are slower to digest and these include things like wholegrain bread, brown rice, starchy vegetables etc.

Fast digesting carbs can be an issue because you may start to crave another snack once the initial blood sugar high has crashed. This can lead to overconsumption which could cause weight gain but remember this is not because you ate carbs but because you overate. Causing you to go over your calorie limit.

Remember to account for the calories your consuming

Tracking your calories is a good way to make sure you don’t over consume calories. Overconsumption will lead to your weight gain. Not a specific food group and remember to be cautious about the types of food you eat. Fast digesting food will cause you to be hungrier faster which can lead to you eating more and more.

One tip I will give is that when you are starting on your weight loss journey and you are struggling to swap fast digesting carbs then you can increase your protein intake for your main meals. This should leave you feeling fuller and less inclined to reach for a sugar spiking snack that could cause you to derail.

Remember that carbs are not the enemy. The real enemy is misinformation and overconsumption of food in general. Take a look at my environment design article where I show how you can change your environment to facilitate better food snacking habits. Until next time.

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