Derailed? Dont worry just learn from it and adapt

Derailing on your plan is common and expected when you are a beginner. Why? well theres a few reasons which we will get into in this post. Lets get started.

Accept that you will not always make the right decision

Sometimes you will derail because you make mistakes, this could be cheating on your diet or not following a plan. It happens to all of us.

You are not going to have the right plan the first time. Dont worry about getting it right first time. A way to overcome this is to not go 2 days without the action so if you are following a diet and you derail one day then its okay.

Just don’t let it happen more than 2 days in row. If you are consistently finding you are struggling keeping to a diet plan then it’s a clear sign that diet is not working for you.

You should then focus on creating a new diet plan with foods you can stick to. Sometimes failure is a way of telling us we were on the wrong plan.

Learning from your mistakes is one of the ways you will succeed

When I first started I tried focussing on my exercise first while ignoring nutrition.

I then tried to find the perfect diet. Which then led me down a rabbit hole of fad dieting. Each of these methods failed and with each failure I learned what I should be doing.

Now I already saw that these methods didn’t work from articles online but the best teacher was actually walking the path and seeing the failure.

But learning from those mistakes was key because not only can I now avoid them but I also question new diet methods more. Because I know from past experience that similar plans don’t work.

My key takeaway here is that sometimes although planning for failure is a good idea. Sometimes you just need to fail to actually take a lesson in what not to do.

Remember that even if you derail as long as you get back on track then your habits will take care of you.

If a friend invite’s you out for a meal or maybe its a colleagues leaving event or a wedding. At this event you may derail from your diet by over-consuming food. But remember that as long as you keep your daily habits of your original plan then you will negate any bad effect from that event.

This is because weight loss is not one big thing you need to overcome but small daily habits you need to complete to get closer and closer to your goal. As long as you maintain those healthy habits after the event and that these events are not too common then you will still be on track to your goals.

Remember that you will derail at one point. It might be because your diet was too restrictive, your exercise too intense or maybe you didn’t get enough sleep leading to secret eating. Whatever derails just ensure you learn from it and get back on track with your daily healthy habits to ensure you minimise the bad effects. Let me know in the comments of your struggles with derailment and how you overcame it.

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