Dont make drastic changes, take one step at a time

So many beginners make this simple mistake. Doing too much too soon and then giving up which reinforces their belief that they will never be able to lose weight. Let me show you why this is the wrong way to look at weight loss and what to do instead.

Big, sudden changes are unsustainable

Beginners will go from unhealthy eating and no exercise to healthy eating and exercise pretty much overnight or over the weekend and this is a big problem because it causes a major shock to the system. It also sets you up for failure because you are trying to do too much at once.

Each new thing you add you will not be correct the first time and its a huge learning experience but when you try to do it all at once those failures multiply and can cause issues with being consistent.

By overdoing it you also enable an environment where if you had a bad week you start to bring in more unhealthy food and saying to yourself its okay because “you were pretty hard on yourself”. But it didn’t need to be hard.

Take it one step at a time

When you start out you will need to change a lot of bad habits. It will be a huge learning experience and taking things one step at a time you can then make these healthy habits compound with each new step you take.

First improve your diet then improve your fitness. Then start improving your sleep. With each stage gives you valuable information on how you deal with each area of healthy living.

Those small steps will compound over time

When you start making small positive habits over time they will become natural to you and when they become natural they are effortless. With this means you can then stack more habits making it easier to put yourself in a position where every day you are making the correct choices towards your goals.

It also means when things go wrong you are tracking and fixing one habit at a time. If you was to go from zero to 100% overnight then as soon as things got difficult you may not know exactly where things are going wrong.

The key takeaway here is that you should avoid the mentality of going from zero to 100% when you want to lose weight because it places too much unnecessary stress which leads to poor results. Change one thing at a time and track your progress. Once you form a positive habit then look into adding another then another and keep going until you reach your goal.

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