First figure out your end goal then base your daily habits and actions from that

When losing weight or gaining muscle it is easy to start with a goal but soon we may get put off because we have such a long way to go. In this article I want to share why you should create your goal but then setup daily habits to make sure you actually get to your end goal.

To make progress you need a consistent record of small habits

Let’s take weight loss for example. You need to be in a calorie deficit and generally increase your activity levels which means in terms of daily habits we need 2 habits: 1. Get all meals in for the diet and 2. Go for walk/run/exercise.

Once we know our daily habits we then need to plug those into a task manager app or a habit tracker. Doing this allows us to log when we have done them. It also helps you see what habits you need to do today.

Use habit trackers to ensure you stay on track

Remember we want to make working towards are goals easy, because when we make things easy we are more likely to stick to our habits. I recommend downloading a habit tracker on your phone and plugging your habits into the app.

Often these apps will gamify your habits meaning you in game points which helps you keep doing your habits because of the positive feedback loop these apps create.

It’s important to focus on and create habits early, when we break down our goals to daily habits it’s easier for us to visualise our goals being accomplished. Instead of asking yourself each day when you will reach your goal instead ask yourself “have I done my daily habits today”.

Let me know below how you have managed your habits and what helped you stay on track.

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