Fit diet methods around your lifestyle, not your goal

When trying to lose weight its so easy to look at what diet method loses the most weight. We have a goal which we want to accomplish quickly and often beginners fall into the trap of selecting a diet method based on reviews of how well it loses weight.

But I want to show you why selecting a diet method based on your goals is the wrong way to look at diet methods.

Diet methods provide a structure for how to build a diet

When you boil these diet methods down what you find is simply a structure of how to build your diet. Most diet method books include meal plans but at the end of the day if you overeat on say the Keto diet then you will gain weight and you will believe the Keto diet doesn’t work.

It’s not that it didn’t work its that you still overate and expected to lose weight.

Diet methods are not supposed to be chosen based on your goal

Going on a Keto diet does not gurantee you will see the fastest weight loss. Each of these diet methods have rules on what foods you eat to qualify as being on that diet but that doesn’t stop you from overeating which overtime will make you gain weight.

If your goal is to lose 20kg of weight then you can accomplish that with any healthy diet method. It does not matter if it’s Paleo, Mediterranean, Keto or any other diet method.

As long as you can maintain a healthy calorie deficit and are consistent with positive habits then you will see the weight come off.

Remember diet methods are merely a structure to setup your diet with. You can lose and gain weight with any diet method.

Another thing to note is often diet and fitness books based on a specific diet method can give you meal plans but if you take the plan at face value and don’t adjust it for your specific caloric requirements then you could be secretly overeating. You will then blame the diet for not working when in reality the diet method doesn’t dictate your success.

Create your goal first, select a diet method for structure and then create a diet with a healthy calorie deficit

Let’s say you want to lose 20kg, you select your preferred diet method based on the foods you enjoy. Let’s say you chose the Atkins diet.

Now all you need to do is research Atkins meal plans and recipes and ensure the total calories per day are at or slightly under your healthy calorie deficit value.

If you want to change your diet method later you can. Just remember whats important here which is the healthy calorie deficit. Which when applied to any diet method can help you achieve your goal.

What do you think of diet methods? I know that when I first started every blog online was shouting out at how much a specific diet method loses the most weight. However in reality as long as you maintain healthy habits and a calorie deficit you can use any diet method you wish.

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