How being slightly more active can help you lose weight faster

So when trying to lose weight we often overlook a simple but effective way to aid in reaching our goals which is NEAT activity.

Essentially being slightly more active can help us reach our goals faster by our bodies requiring more energy and making it easier for us to be in a calorie deficit.

Why should I be more active?

Being more active means our bodies will need more energy which means we can use it to create a bigger calorie deficit or to eat a little more and have a smaller calorie deficit.

Being more active also helps your joints and improves your overall health. You don’t want to remain sedentary for long periods of time as this alone can cause issues.

How much does being more active help me?

Well if you move from sedentary to lightly active your body will need roughly 37.5% more calories then when it was sedentary.

This is a big increase and can help us eat more food while maintaining a calorie deficit. But it is important to understand that theres a big difference between sedentary and lightly active.

I get 8000 steps a day and go to the gym 3 times a week and I consider myself to be lightly active.

If you are unsure of what activity level you fall into. Then mark yourself as sedentary and work upwards from their when you are tracking what you eat and what you weigh.

Simple ways and examples of being more active

The easiest way to become more active daily would be to increase your daily step count.

Set yourself a target for increasing the daily step count 500 steps a week so this week you do 500 steps a day then 1000 next week and 1500 steps a day the following week and build up to about 8000 steps or more a day.

Start small and just incrementally increase. You can also choose the stairs instead of the lift/escalator and also start playing basketball or football. Anything that can get you more active then you currently are is a good start.

Thats all from me but how do you feel about being more active? We are all told to be more active and this is especially true when trying to lose weight. Not only in helping us lose the pounds but also to increase joint health. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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