How to avoid paralysis by analysis when trying to lose weight

You may have heard of this term before. Essentially paralysis by analysis means you take no action because you are over-consuming too much conflicting information. I struggled with this a lot but in this post I want to share my experience and how I overcame it.

Paralysis by analysis is caused by seeking perfection

Wanting to seek out the perfect way or method for something is common. When you start your weight loss journey you will be overloaded with plenty of online blogs, influencers and videos telling you the best way to lose weight.

Naturally you will lean to the plan that shows the best results. Upon finding a plan you research more and more but find conflicting viewpoints. This leads you down a rabbit hole of then trying to find information against the conflicting viewpoints. All the while time goes by and you have not taken any action. No plan made. No progress made either.

My takeaway here is when you find a method or plan you like (based on lifestyle factors) you should then research a plan to quickly trial it. If it doesn’t work then great you learned it doesn’t work and can move onto the next plan. You want to take action quickly because if you read too many articles trying to find the perfect way forward you will be paralysed by analysis.

Ensure your information is from a credible source

Again often you will conflicting information on source that are not credible. Always ensure the information you consume comes from a reputable source.

If health institutions are telling you that a safe rate of weight loss is 1-2lbs per week then the diet plan that magically loses 8lbs a week might not be telling you the entire truth but instead click-baiting you into following their expensive method.

The way forward is to test and iterate on your plan

From the first point I mentioned you should quickly trial a plan. If you find the plan has issues you can iterate on them depending on how bad the issues are.

If you cannot stand the diet at all (personally this is paleo/keto for me) then thats a sign you should switch to a new plan.

If you find one or two things are not great like the amount of carbs or that the recipes are difficult to cook than just trial new recipes or lower the carb content.

You dont need to throw the entire plan in the bin if you have some issues. finding these issues can help you know that does and does not cause you friction.

Paralysis by analysis is so common because the amount of information available to you is seemingly never-ending. As long as you follow the tips above you should be smooth sailing. Let me know your issues with paralysis by analysis and how you overcame it. Remember there is no perfect way.

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