How to reduce the impact of eating out

Today I want to cover the impact eating out can have on your weight loss journey. It is no secret that unless it is kept under control that it can easily derail your progress. I want to go over my experience so let’s get started.

Avoid eating out too often

So it is important to understand that eating out is a treat and as such should not be a regular occurrence, once every 2 weeks or once a month is ideal.

The main problem is that eating out too often makes tracking harder and because its often a fun and sociable activity you can lose track of exactly how much you have consumed.

Dont worry about the accuracy of the calories in the food you are eating

When I eat out I normally don’t worry too much about the accuracy of the calories in the food. As long as I had a log of what I ate then I could make a good guess on calories after the event.

Often many restaurants have the nutritional information on their website so don’t stress too much about the exact calories you had.

Avoid all-you-can-eat restaurants

Going to a buffet or all-you-can-eat restaurant is a nightmare for weight loss. Because of the randomness of what you could be eating its nearly impossible to get an idea of how much you overeat.

When I was younger we often went to buffets as the cost is what attracted us. But if you are serious about losing weight you must avoid buffets. It is better to pay a bit more to have a meal then a buffet.

The impossible mission of logging what you have eaten will cause you just to not log at all and the fact you overate at the buffet means a step back in your progress.

Aim for low calorie drinks

It is very easy when eating out to not take any notice of the drinks. Often in restaurants you can get “bottomless” or unlimited refill drinks.

I recommend the sugar free option for sugar based drinks and if you enjoy alcohol then have some but pace yourself. Alcoholic drinks have a lot of empty calories. Again log what drinks you have, a simple “2x Coke, 1x beer” will suffice.

You can lookup the macros later.

Eating out is a common fun activity many of us do. But remember when losing weight we want to ensure that eating out does not cause us to derail.

Following the advice above should help you avoid seeing the scales go in the opposite direction. Let me know in the comments how you deal with eating out.

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