How to track your progress in the gym

When you go to the gym you will want to make progress otherwise what is the point of being there. In this post I will show you how to track your progress in the gym.

Use an app to log your workouts

This is crucial and without an app to help log your workouts you won’t know if your making progress or if a new workout is benefitting you. I recommend apps like Strong, Daily Strength etc.

When choosing an app to log your workouts I recommend an app that can log the following:

  • Workouts (Multiple)
  • Sets and reps for each exercise in the workout
  • Rest times

If an app can track the above and do more than its worth the investment. Dont underestimate the usefulness of the app. It will ensure you can see if your workout is helping you achieve your goals.

Ensure you can see your progress (and issues causing you to not make progress)

When you have been going to the gym for a while you will want to see how much progress you have made. Apps can show you that often in a history tab. And by seeing that information you can see how far you have come.

It is easy to think you are not making progress each time you go to the gym. By logging the data you can see exactly how you are progressing. Its like the scales in how it shows you not only how far you have left to go but also how far you have come in your journey.

Remember to track your time too

Tracking how long you spend on your workouts helps you plan your days ahead of time. If you know your workout takes an average of an hour you know when you can slot it in.

It is also important to track your rest times in between sets of an exercise. This is so you can adjust this based on your bodies feedback. If you find you cant get the reps completed then try increasing the rest time. Or lower it if you feel the exercise is getting easier (although its probably better to increase amount of reps or weight if the exercise is feeling easier).

Dont worry if it takes a while to start tracking correctly

You will not track everything correctly the first time. It takes time to setup a system of accurate tracking. But download a few apps and see what you like. See if the features can help you in your gym goals.

Another thing to note is sometimes the exercise names are slightly different for example the app I use labels the pec fly machine as the “butterfly” machine which is something to keep in mind when adding exercises to your workouts, look at the alternative names for exercises.

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