If i could tell you 3 things about dieting these would be the 3 to focus on

Starting a diet or weight loss plan can be daunting and when I first started I was overwhelmed with information and it was very difficult to know where to start and often I would be paralysed by analysis.

However after losing over 42kg below are the 3 things I would focus on when starting to lose weight.

This should help you navigate the information that is out there and provide a good starting point.

No. 1: Track, track, track

Tracking is crucially important to your success. Without tracking how will you know if your diet is working for or against you?

How will you know if you are getting enough physical activity? And how do you know if you are losing inches on your waist?

Tracking is important not only because it shows us how far we have to go to reach are goal but also how far we have come.

There will be times where you will be overwhelmed with how far you have to go but when realising how far you have come and how your actions are making this positive change then you can put yourself in a better mental state to continue through the tough times of the journey.

Have a look at my guide on what to do in the first 2 weeks by tracking what you consume.

No. 2: Your diet and nutrition account for around 70% of your results

It is so easy to fall into the trap of wanting to lose weight and immediately signing up for a gym membership and doing any exercise in the gym to make you sweat and then over eat after to reward yourself for a “good workout”.

The problem is that around 70% of your results will come from your nutrition and diet.

Im not saying that you shouldn’t go to the gym or be more physically active i’m saying that for beginners you should prioritise making positive changes to your diet and nutrition first as you will see the biggest benefits from that.

No. 3: Theres no one thing or big hurdle to overcome, its always small daily habits

When I first started my journey I was always looking for the perfect and most effective diet.

I felt like if I found it then went on that diet for a month then I would lose the weight and achieve my goals. Except the problem is that there is no perfect diet and theres no big thing to overcome to achieve your goal.

It’s the little things. Its positive habits over a long period of time that help you achieve your goal.

Everyday when you eat in the calorie deficit, when you be more active, when your hydrated, when you prioritise enough sleep all these little things add up over time and that is what helps you move the needle towards your goal

Often people find weight loss difficult but this is often because they deviate from the points above.

As long as you keep the above 3 points in mind when doing your research you should be able to stay on track and achieve really good results. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and it is a long process. Let me know what you think and if these points add value to your plan.

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