Just because you’re on a diet does not mean you cant have occasional treats

Today I will show you why you can still have occasional treats on your diet and why it is encouraged for long term sustainable weight loss. Lets get into it.

You need to stop thinking of your diet as an on/off switch

Most people believe that you are either fully into a diet or not at all. The problem with this mindset is often people chose diets based on whats popular at the time of their research. Instead of choosing a diet that is better for their lifestyle. And the problem with thinking of your diet as an on/off switch is you will believe you can not have any treats of any kind but this will lead to abandoning the diet down the road due to believing that you cant escape from this restrictive diet. A diet is just a list of foods you will eat in order to reach a goal. If you have leftover calories theres no issue with enjoying a low calorie snack.

By having controlled occasional treats you can increase diet adherence and not feel guilty

You see by having controlled low calorie treats every now and then in your diet you can feel less guilty when you eat them because its already planned. And having these snacks can increase adherence to the diet because you now dont feel like you have to go all in on the diet.

It’s important to note here I am not saying eat a ton of low calorie snacks everyday because they could well push you over your daily caloric limit and cause weight gain but instead to shop for low calorie snacks and to have one every now and then when you see you have enough calories left over for the day. Just with everything else used in moderation it can be a powerful way to adhere to a diet without wanting to give up.

I hope you found this post enjoyable. Let me know what low calorie snacks you enjoy in the comments below. Personally I prefer fridge raider chicken bites or a low calorie bar from the Fibre 90 range.

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