Productivity hacks to enable you to stay on course with your weight loss

With weight loss it’s a long term game so you need to find ways to make it easy to put yourself in the best position to keep at it.

In this post I will share 4 productivity hacks that helped me lose over 40kg in weight.

Hack 1: Meal prep

Meal prep was a huge timesaver for me. By making a meal with say 4 servings. I could then put the meal in food containers and put those in the fridge.

Taking them out and microwaving them when I needed. Meal prep helped me ensure I have healthy food always in fridge so it takes away the temptation to order out because the food is already available.

It also helps with food shopping as I can bulk shop and not have to waste time with multiple trips to the food shop each week.

Hack 2: Create a food list before you go food shopping

Creating a food list before you go shopping can ensure you only get what you need.

Often if I didn’t have a set shopping list it meant other items which I didn’t plan to buy also ending up in the basket.

Knowing exactly what I should be getting helped predict costs better and ensured I only bought what I needed for my diet.

Hack 3: Use apps and tech to your advantage

Many apps like MyFitnessPal, Samsung Health etc. allow you to log what you eat.

This is very convenient as they have most foods in their database and will help you understand your eating habits and you can use the data to reflect on if you didn’t achieve your goals that week.

Another way is to use smart tech like these bluetooth scales to help you weigh yourself and to send the data directly to your phone without needing to input the data manually.

Hack 4: Frozen food means lower cost and fewer trips to the grocery store

Theres no big difference in frozen and fresh food and I would recommend you always go for the frozen version.

It will allow you to keep more at home meaning fewer trips to the food shop. Frozen food is cheaper as well so you can save money and know exactly how much of the food you have left. Save fresh food for special occasions.

There we have 4 productivity hacks that can help you on your weight loss journey. These hacks were incredibly helpful to me and I wish I knew about them when I started. I hope they provide the same benefit to you.

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