Progress pictures are your friend

Today I will share with you why taking regular progress pictures of your weight loss journey will help you not only keep on track but also to see how far you have come.

When I first began I took some photos of myself to see the state I was in. although I had my initial images when I started to diet I did not take progress pictures that often.

Maybe I took them after I tried a new diet or once in a while but really there was no structure. I did not think they was that important. I thought the only thing that mattered in the beginning was the number on the scales going down It was not until a few months down the line that regular progress pictures would have greatly helped me visualise my weight loss.

You see because you see yourself in the mirror almost every day and that change takes a long time it’s easy to see no visual progress even when you have lost 5, 10 or 15 kg. But if you had been taking regular progress pictures you could see how far you have come and the results would be more apparent.

It’s also easier to spot changes in smaller areas with progress pictures than with the scales. For example your face could start to be looking slimmer. Which would be hard to detect given you see your face everyday in the mirror.

It’s important to note here that you shouldn’t aim to lose weight just to see changes in the pictures. The pictures are merely a snapshot of how far you have come at a point in time. Use it to visualise your progress rather than relying on the scales alone.

To get started

Starting out I would recommend you take weekly or monthly progress pictures of your front, sides and back. Ideally you should take these at the same time on the same day.

So if you did it monthly it would be every 1st Saturday when you wake up or if you did it weekly then every Saturday when you wake up. You need to be consistent with taking the pictures and avoid taking them at different times this is because if you normally take them in the morning and you then take progress pictures before bedtime then you could look heavier in the photos due to the meals you ate that day.

Another thing to mention is the location. I normally take my progress pictures in the bathroom as putting my phone on the side means the height is always consistent and the room has bright lighting.

Once you have taken your progress pictures ideally you would want to upload these to a storage service like Google Drive or iCloud. This is because you can keep them in dedicated folders and not worry about them being lost. Over time it may be difficult to find pictures at certain points in time which is why organising your pictures into folders will help you.

I personally take progress pictures weekly and I upload them to Google Drive in folders named after the month so for example I would have a folder named Progress Pictures and inside that is the year 2021 in this case. Then i have all the month folders e.g. June. Then I have each set of progress pictures in a day folder e.g. 5th, 12th, 19th etc. See the example pictures below.

Google Drive Progress Pictures folder
Google Drive Progress Pictures Month folder

I hope you enjoyed this post on progress pictures and how they can help you. Have you used progress pictures before? let me know in the comments what you think of this tool.

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