Stalled weight loss? 3 issues why

Today I will cover 3 big issues when it comes to progression in your weight loss journey. How to overcome them and why these issues lead to a slow down or halt of your weight loss progression. Let’s get started with the first issue.

Issue 1: You have no goal to aim towards

When I first started losing weight I did not really have a goal.

Sure I wanted to lose weight and looked into some diets. But I never took a moment to say “this is what I am aiming for” and lay out a plan from that goal. And when I say set a goal it is not just about a target weight and time to hit.

You also need to think about why you want to lose weight. When I first started I didn’t want to wear 2-3XL clothes anymore, I didn’t want to feel self conscious every time I went out and I didn’t want to be uncomfortable when using public transport.

It’s good to have a real why in your mind when it comes to losing weight because it is hard and you will struggle. But remembering why you started and how far you have come and where you plan to be will help you overcome those struggles along the journey.

Issue 2: Your environment

I have talked about environment design before because it can cause you to stall on your progress quite easily.

By having unhealthy food in your cupboards and being exposed to unhealthy food at your job for example can lead you to secret eating. This not only stalls your progress but also can increase your weight over time.

And it’s not just food because if you plan to go to the gym in the morning then by not having your gym clothes ready will add extra resistance for you not to go to that session. In the beginning (and throughout for that matter) you need to redesign your environment so that it’s easier for you to make decisions that will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

I have a listed a few examples below to help you get started.

  • Want to start going to the gym? Pack your bag with your gym clothes before bed so it’s ready for you in the morning.
  • Want to reduce snacking at work? Move away from the offending food for at least 30 minutes. Let other people take the food.
  • Want to increase your NEAT activity? Slowly increase it week by week, try to get 20% more next week. Take your time building the habits.

Issue 3: You’re spending too much time optimising the little things

If last week you went to the gym for the first time thats great. But now you’re finding yourself looking at videos on how to optimise that one exercise at the gym and it’s taking your attention away from what you should really be doing.

Learning the basics. Learning the fundamentals of weight loss will make sure you keep on track over the long term and will help you filter through all the nonsense that can be on the internet.

Whilst i’m not saying to not look at videos to see if you’re getting the exercise form correct i’m saying that in the beginning you should not focus on the optimal volume or rep range just yet, merely getting yourself to be more active then you was last week is a great first step forward. We can worry about the rep range and volume next week.

So how many of these issues have you faced? The main takeaway here is that these issues can be overcome and often these issues are silent so you cant always see yourself doing them. What about you? What was the issues you faced that made you stall on your progress.

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