Stop consuming so many liquid calories

Liquid calories are not often the first thing people worry about when starting a diet or try to lose weight. This could be because we think that because its a liquid it cant be doing that much harm. In actual fact liquid calories can easily put you over your daily caloric limit. In this article I will show you how these can easily add up including my own experience with over consuming liquid calories and how to choose alternatives that can help you avoid going over your limit.

Why liquid calories matter and how to cut down on your consumption

So when people mention liquid calories they are referring to any liquid with a medium to high calorie count. This includes things like regular coke, beers, wines, smoothies etc. And liquid calories matter because if you’re trying to lose weight you will need to ensure you are in a calorie deficit. With an overconsumption of liquid calories you can easily go beyond your daily limit.

It is easy to overlook liquid calories because they are liquid. We don’t really believe they could have too many calories but your typical smoothie can have between 200-300 calories or more per serving. A beer typically will be over 200 calories for a 500ml bottle.

With this in mind we should aim to be more aware and conscious of our decisions. Just like all things in our diet we can have liquid calories but that need to be consumed in moderation. I have already spoken before about the importance of tracking and liquid calories are no different. You must ensure you track these and be more mindful when you are offered a free beer or smoothie.

Easy ways to limit your consumption can be to swap to low calorie options e.g. coke zero or diet coke for coke, low calorie beer, smoothies with less sugar etc. Another way to reduce your consumption is to limit your intake e.g. if you have 4 beers a day try setting a goal of 3 beers a day for the next week, then 2, then 1. The simple habit will build over time and soon you will be consuming less and wont have the withdrawal symptoms of going cold turkey.

How liquid calories negatively affected me

Back in 2014 I worked at a small company and throughout the day my colleagues asked if i wanted a drink. I said sure and I asked them for a regular coke each time. The problem was one day i had gone through 4 cans. This equalled around 560 additional calories that day. The problem was because it paid for by my colleagues i happily accepted the drinks even though it was slowly making me gain additional weight. I didn’t want to turn down a free drink but seeing those empty cans add up made me rethink about continuing to consume those drinks. Another problem I had when over consuming the cokes was that the sugar in those drinks made me slightly sickly and distracted me from my work. I started to chose alternative drinks for example having water and limiting having cokes to Friday’s and one or two at most.

How about you? How many liquid calories are in your kitchen right now? What methods do you use to overcome the temptation of liquid calories? Let me know in the comments.

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