Stop relying on just the scales

So whether you weigh yourself daily or once a fortnight in this article I want to show you why you should not rely on just the scales in your weight loss journey. And the tools you can also use to get a more accurate picture of whether you are losing weight or not.

Why everyone relies on the scales

In the beginning it is easy, you follow a diet than at the end of the week you weigh yourself. You then see you lose a little weight then you continue to check the scales each week to see results. This is great however if you lost 1kg how do you know thats all fat? it could be muscle mass too if you’re not exercising. People rely on the scales because it is easy and convenient but this one metric alone does not tell you a full picture of whats happening. It’s also easy to manipulate this number, a meal before you weigh yourself or a high water intake can cause you to see a bigger number than you expected. Possible leading you to believe the diet isn’t working.

When measuring progress you will want to use multiple metrics. This is so that you get a full picture of how you are progressing.

What I use to measure real progress

Personally what helped me was weighing my weekly, measuring my waistline and taking progress pictures (front, both sides and back). This is because I had 3 different metrics to show me if I was progressing towards my goal. One week I did not see a decrease in the number on the scales but I saw a reduction in my waistline measurement. So I knew I was still on track, if I was just tracking my progress by the scales I would not have seen this and possible started to lose faith. Also by taking weekly progress pictures I could see how my body was changing more clearly. Whilst little progress was shown each week. Comparing progress photos from one month to the next made me see a bigger change in my body.

Now it may be more work to take progress pictures, waistline measurements and scale measurements but doing so ensures you don’t put all your eggs in the scales basket so to speak. It is worth mentioning that progress pictures can be taken once a month. You don’t have to take them weekly.

Also I put all my weekly measurements into a spreadsheet so I can track and see changes over time. This is very useful as you can see how far you have come in your journey. By seeing that weekly progress it will help you keep on track and can help show you what did and did not work that week in your diet and exercise.

So thats why you should not rely on the scales alone. Only relying on one metric is less reliable as time goes on. By measuring your progress by multiple measurements you get a more accurate picture of whats going on and whether your diet and exercise regime needs to be altered to keep you on course.

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