The measurements you need to take to help achieve your weight loss goals

So what measurements are key to tracking weight loss. Well below I have listed the 3 measurements you should be tracking weekly in a spreadsheet, app or in a notepad to check if you are making progress towards your goal.

It will be a pretty light post today as I roughly go over the three measurements. I believe in getting straight to the point and the three measurements below will provide you with valuable data about your progress.

Measurement 1: The chest

To measure the chest you put a measuring tape around the chest where the nipples are and take the measurement after an exhalation.

Measurement 2: The waist

To measure the waist put your measuring tape around your stomach at belly button height and take the measurement after an exhalation.

Measurement 3: The hips

To measure the hips put your measuring tape around your hips and measure at the widest point, it may take you a few attempts to get this measurement.

Remember to measure weekly. You will want consistent data to show how your diet and exercise is affecting your measurements and if you are on track.

I recommended logging this data in a spreadsheet or app as its easier and more convenient then a notebook but whatever works for you is fine too. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below.

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