The myth of diet pills and why they do not work

What are they and how they work

Diet pills come in many forms but the most common is fat burners. These supposedly work by binding to fat as you eat to stop the intake of that fat. Others claims to stimulate ketosis or increase your metabolism.

So whats the issue?

The issue is that as these are dietary supplements they do not need to be proven they work before they are sold. This often (especially on sites like eBay) means that on the label/description of the pill that they will provide fast and reliable results. A quick search on eBay shows some pills claiming 10+ lbs weight loss in a week. Which is just ridiculous.

These diet pills often play on peoples emotions and desire to lose weight quickly. Unfortunately the only way to reliable long term weight loss is a controlled calorie deficit and increasing your activity levels. Not from these diet pills which often make outlandish claims and no proof to back them up.

So what should I do?

If you are currently taking these pills then stop. If you are thinking about taking these pills then stop. Firstly 80% of your weight loss results will come from your diet/nutrition. These pills are selling you a false reality. Focus your time and energy on creating a good diet plan that you can stick to. If you have not dieted before I recommend checking out my post on tracking everything for the first week so you can see exactly what is stopping you from losing weight. You will also want to look into weather your consuming too many liquid calories that are stopping you from losing weight.

Ultimately the take home point here is diet pills are not the solution for a bad diet and sedentary lifestyle. To make effective long term weight loss you need a calorie deficit diet that you can adhere too and being more active.

What do you think of diet pills? Personally I would stay far away from them. You will make better and healthier changes by focussing your efforts on your diet and exercise. Let me know your comments/stories in the comments below.

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