The reason why you go on fad diets

What are fad diets? Well a fad diet is typically a diet that provides quick weight loss. With methods that are not recommended by dieticians.

These include things like super low calorie diets. No carb diets. Liquid only diets etc.

These diets typically gain popularity in short time span. But because they don’t provide reliable long term weight loss. They are dropped and replaced with newer fad diets.

Fad diets are harmful because they appear to work in the short term but will not help you achieve long term or sustainable weight loss. For example a super low calorie diet would initially cause you to decrease in weight on the scale quickly. Which is what most people looking to lose weight will want however its not sustainable to continue on a super low calorie diet. you also should be wary of fad diets that avoid whole food groups such as no carb diets. You should not be avoiding whole food groups as it lowers diet adherence and food groups should not be removed. This issue is the overconsumption of food not a particular food group.

The typical fad diet cycle:

  1. Start a fad diet which is a super low calorie diet.
  2. Become more and more hungry (and irritable) as time goes on
  3. You see the weight going down but then overeat your regular food before the diet because of how restrictive your fad diet is
  4. You gain weight and blame the weight increase on the regular food you ate

The problem above is 2 fold: 1. you reinforce the mindset that fad diets do cause weight loss and are the only way to lose weight and 2. you start yo-yo dieting going from fad diet to binge eating and back and fourth.

What do you think of fad diets? A big issue with my initial journey was I was always trying to find the best fad diet for weight loss when in actual fact what I should of been focussing on was consistency and a slight calorie deficit and being more active to facilitate long term weight loss.

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