Tips for going to the gym for the first time

Thinking of going to the gym? Or going soon and its your first time? Then in this post I will share 4 tips that helped me overcome my anxiety with going to the gym for the first time.

Tip 1: Prepare ahead of time

Your first day at the gym might make you stressed as everything is new however one way to remove some of the stress is to prepare your workout clothes and what you will take to the gym the day before.

This will help you be organised before the gym and can save you from last minute cancelling because you cant find your workout outfit. Remember you want to reduce the steps you have to do to start a new habit. This will help you remain consistent as it makes the habit easier to accomplish.

Tip 2: Go at a time when its less busy

When I started at the gym I used to go at around 8pm becasue it was one of the quieter times to go. But overtime more and more people went in the afternoon. So I decided to go early in the morning instead (6 am).

The main reason is because less people means I’m able to go on the exercise machines and get my workout done. With more people in the gym you find that you end up having to wait for machines to become available. It also reduces stress as there is more room to breathe and you can focus on your workout without feeling like there is 100 eyes watching you.

Tip 3: Make a small list of exercises you want to try

By taking a list of exercises you want to try at the gym means when you go there you already have something to start with. Without a list you will find the amount of machines and activities you can do to be overwhelming.

You don’t have to do all the exercises on your list but its a great place to start because it takes away the issue of not knowing where to start in the gym.

Tip 4: You have as much right to be there as everyone else

You may feel like you dont deserve to be at the gym or that the gym is only for “serious” people. But in fact most people who go to the gym are there just to improve thier health. No one has made me feel unwelcome in the gym.

You have every right to be at the gym as anyone else. It does not matter where you start because everyone has to start from somewhere.

I hope your first time at the gym is a good one. Remember don’t worry too much about the right thing to do. Just go and get a feel for the gym and which exercises you would want to do. As with all habits make it easier to go to the gym and you will find you keep going back and over time you can make yourself healthier.

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