What scales would I recommend for weight loss

One of the first tools you should get is a good set of scales to weigh yourself with. Below I have listed the 3 most common options for scales, how these help you and what I recommend for you to use in your weight loss journey.

Option 1: Bluetooth enabled smart digital scales

Now these bluetooth enabled smart digital scales have 2 big advantages.

Bluetooth which will enable you to log your weight wirelessly to an app on your phone and features including body fat percentage calculators which can be helpful in showing your progress.

The biggest positive of bluetooth enabled smart scales is its really easy to weight yourself and have that data logged. It removes the friction of weighing yourself

The biggest issue I have found though with bluetooth scales is that sometimes the device doesn’t always connect which means multiple attempts to log your weight for that day.

Smart scales also have the shortest battery life of the scales mentioned here. You should be able to pickup a smart bluetooth digital scale for £25-£40 online.

Option 2: Standard digital scales

A good midway option of these scales listed. The main advantage being digital scales are more accurate than analog scales and cheaper than bluetooth enabled smart digital scales.

They have pretty good battery life and are fairly cheap online averaging £10-£20. You can get a decent low cost digital scale here.

I recommend standard digital scales for people who don’t need the added functionality of bluetooth scales and who do not want to spend as much on scales.

Option 3: Analog scales

Analog scales are only good because they are not powered by batteries and therefore you wont have to worry about any batteries going flat in analog scales.

However analog scales are the least accurate and don’t provide the benefits of a bluetooth enabled smart scale or the low cost of the standard digital scale with analog scales averaging around £15-£35 online.

There’s also an issue with durability. Analog scale springs over time can deteriorate which is not good when you are trying to track your progress accurately.

If you have an analog scale I recommend you upgrade to a digital scale as the increased accuracy and durability will greatly benefit you.

In all I recommend a good bluetooth enabled smart digital scales to anyone trying to lose weight.

These will not only be more accurate but also be more convenient by reducing the friction of weighing yourself. And I would recommend avoiding analog scales as they are expensive, less reliable and less accurate.

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