Why a diet program from a fitness book can set you back in your weight loss journey

You start on your weight loss journey by buying a fitness book which includes a diet plan which looks okay but I will show you 3 reasons why that diet plan can set you back in your progress. Let’s get into it.

Its far too rigid

The diet programs in most fitness books are far too rigid meaning the author expects you to just take the diet program as-is and will expect you to just run with it.

Often they say you can select 3 meals from the diet program but what if your lifestyle makes it difficult to get 3 meals a day or you may have overeaten for a long time and the space between these meals causes a higher chance of snacking and secret eating which could derail your progress.

If you follow a diet program you need to ensure it can be flexible to suit your lifestyle. At a minimum it should show you the macronutrients of the meals you plan to use.

And contain a realistic ingredient list because many diet programs list ingredients that are not available everywhere. This will help you adjust the diet to your lifestyle.

Its hard to know what you can change

Because everyone is slightly different when it comes to nutrition this means you will need to find out what calories you need to start losing weight.

The problem with most diet programs is that they are created for the general population. By selecting 3 meals from the program this could be for example 1700 calories which would be good for an obese male but would not be so good for a slightly overweight female.

As a beginner its hard to know what you can change about the diet program to fit your needs.

Most of the time these fitness books will be written in the form of “do the workouts, pick 3 meals and you will be successful”. When in reality due to everyone being different this rarely works as expected.

If you are targeting beginners you need to show them how they can change the diet to fit their needs.

Sometimes the author will prioritise the workouts and not the diet

A very common issue in fitness books is the overwhelming focus on the workouts. Often the nutrition in these books boils down to a quick introduction which then tells the reader to pick 3 meals to then get on with it.

The problem is that nutrition will account for roughly 70% of your weight loss results so if anything should take priority for beginners it must be getting the diet right and removing as much friction from nutrition as the author possibly can.

If you have not sorted your diet out then any additional exercise is good but try to avoid programs that focus too much on the workouts before you get your nutrition in check.

Let me know what you think in the comments about fitness books and the issues I highlighted above. I feel beginners should be guided more in the beginning as there is so much information it can often be overwhelming.

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