Why losing weight is so hard

So today I will go over the biggest issues I faced when losing weight. There was a range of issues which caused me to stall on my progress and if I had known these 3 issues when I was starting out the process would have been a lot smoother and easier.

Issue 1: Losing weight requires consistent daily habits with food restriction and tracking

In the beginning I was overeating and I enjoyed it because all the food I was eating was delicious. I didn’t want to give that up and I didn’t really understand how nutrition worked. Not to mention that in this day and age of instant gratification where apps give you instant likes, your online order is here the very next day that when I was trying to stick to a diet and didn’t see results after a week or two I derailed and gave up on many diets. The instant gratification mindset was causing me to think that because a diet didn’t produce results in a week or two that the diet itself was faulty. In reality it was my mindset that kept me from losing weight and not the diet itself.

Losing weight requires consistent daily habits coupled with food (more specifically caloric) restriction and tracking to ensure I was staying on track. If I had a bad week I could track what caused the issues. When I first started dieting I didn’t care about daily habits, tracking or caloric restriction. All I cared about was what diet would get me the fastest results. I spent so much time researching which diet would provide the most weight loss that not only was it a waste of time it held me back and caused me to derail when I didn’t see the “promised” results of the diets in 1 or 2 weeks. But when I started to track what I was eating and restricting my caloric intake over time with consistent habits I saw the weight coming off.

Issue 2: My environment was a huge distraction in the beginning

This one was big for me, whenever I started a new diet I still had bad food in the cupboards and in the freezer. This food was easily available to me at any time, if I had a bad day at work or my diet wasn’t going well. I could just reach for a quick snack to cure whatever problem I had. The problem is that it was always one too many. A bag of 4 cookies was quickly eaten if I had a bad day. To get around this I stopped buying the bad food to put into the cupboard. I didn’t throw it all away, i just bought less and less until I didn’t have the food readily available to me anymore.

It was not just the food at home that was hindering my progress but also food that was left out for everyone at work. Although it didn’t happen often, the food at work plus the food in the cupboards meant it was far easier for me to derail on my diet whenever I had a bad day or the office food was out in front of me. Eventually at the office if I saw food available i would move away. I’d come back in an hour or two when everyone else already ate all the food. That allowed me not to be tempted by the food as it was gone and out of sight and out of mind.

Its also worth noting I also aimed to not go food shopping when I was hungry as this meant I was more likely to buy sweets, chocolates and other bad food. By shopping having recently eaten and with a shopping list of what I needed to get I was able to avoid the temptation and buy only what I needed to buy.

Issue 3: The amount of information on social media and the internet leads to paralysis by analysis

Starting my weight loss journey was so hard because everywhere I looked there was a new way to lose weight. Especially on social media which led me to be paralysed by overanalysing what I should be doing. I spent so much time trying to find the best diet that I just didn’t make any progress, I didn’t start when I should have just started and then later course corrected once I had been doing it for a while and seeing what the data (tracking) showed me. I eventually overcame this by just getting started. I made a simple plan and kept to it. Then once I had some initial data like how well I kept to the diet, what I enjoyed and what I didn’t I was then able to make changes and make further progression. If I had kept trying to find the best way forward without first trying something then I don’t think I would have made any progress and I would still be in the same position.

Well thats it, the 3 biggest issues I had when starting this journey. I hope they help you and you have a better time starting your weight loss journey then I did as it took my ages to get over these hurdles.

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