Why most diets never worked for me

So in this post I will go over the reasons why most diets I tried in my journey never worked for me. The problem’s I had with them and how I eventually got over them and was able to stick to a dieting method.

Reason 1: There’s no one best diet that will work for everyone

There are hundreds of different diets out there and believing that there was this single diet that would give me the best results was wrong. Diets are different for a number of reasons but mostly because of lifestyle choices rather than which one has the best weight loss results. There is so many different diets to chose from that with all the overwhelming amount of information it does not surprise me why most people myself included had a hard time dieting. Which one are you meant to follow? Well in my experience sticking to a diet (not a fad diet by the way) for at least 4 weeks and just seeing if the diet was right for me in terms of can I stick to the diet. If I could stick to the diet I would then be looking at how is it helping me to my goal.

Reason 2: I believed that unless I went all in the diet would not work

On my journey I saw many articles and videos showing me that unless I went all in with a diet that it would not work. This places the blame of non adherence from the diet to the individual. “Oh well you didn’t follow the diet to the letter so thats why it never worked for you”. In reality different diets will adhere to different types of people and lifestyles. You cant blame the individual for not losing weight on a diet that is not ideal for them. On my journey I realised over time that quite simply the diet alone was not going to help me reach my goal. The problem that I faced was these diets came with a sample meal plan but what if I don’t like that food?

Heres how the cycle went

  • I would find a new diet online, cook the included meal plan and try to stick to it

  • Did not enjoy the meals at all leading to low or non adherence

  • Non adherence leading to no results

  • No results leading me to me giving up on the diet

The key takeaway here is that if you can see a diet is not working then cut your losses and move on. You must be able to adhere to a diet for it to work otherwise you will be miserable.

Reason 3: I was expecting results to be quick and easy which derailed me when they did not materialise

So when you begin your weight loss journey. In the first few weeks of sticking to a diet you will see the weight coming off at a higher rate than normal. This is because you’re losing water weight. Water weight is lost because when your body burns energy it will tap into its glycogen stores. These stores are bound to water which means when your body uses glycogen for fuel it releases the water bound to it. The end result being in the first week or two of dieting that you will see a higher rate of weight loss than the typical 0.5-1kg of weight loss. The problem I faced at the time was that I didn’t know about this process and did not understand how it worked leading me to believe my diet (the one with low adherence due to the meal plan) was working but over the next two weeks I did not see as much progress which I put down to my low adherence to the diet.

Losing weight is a long term goal

So with the diet not producing the results I wanted and my inability to recognise that losing weight is a long term goal its no surprise why I gave up on that diet a few weeks in. No matter what diet it is you are not going to lose 5, 10 or more kilograms of real weight in 2 weeks. Someone once told me that weight gain happens over time in that you do not eat a bunch of bad food and then you’re +10kg next week, no you eat bad food consistently and over time you put on more and more weight. It is the same with weight loss, to lose weight you will need to have good consistent daily habits and ideally stick to a high adherence diet for at least 6 months to see real results.

So there we have my 3 reasons why most diets never worked for me. How many of these do you recognise or have been through. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or let me know the reasons why most diets didn’t work for you.

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