Why the weight loss supplements your taking are not working

So while researching how to lose weight you will inevitably come across weight loss supplements.

But before buying them you need to understand the 3 big reasons why weight loss supplements may not work for you.

Not all weight loss supplements are created equal and keeping these 3 reasons in mind will help you make better purchasing decisions. Let’s get started.

Reason 1: You don’t need the supplement

Honestly about 90% of your weight loss results will come from a consistent healthy diet and regular exercise.

Just because something is labelled as a weight loss supplement doesn’t mean its the secret key to losing your weight.

In fact most people don’t need supplements and you will often find on these weight loss supplements that they have the paragraph “when taken with a healthy diet and regular exercise” on them which would already provide you with progression on your weight loss journey.

At the end of the day if you over eat and have a weight loss supplement then you will still gain weight.

If you have a healthy calorie deficit and regular exercise then you will see the weight on the scales move in your favour. But this wont happen from the weight loss supplement.

Reason 2: People who don’t know what they are talking about are promoting the supplement

What credentials does the person promoting the supplement have?

Often online we see many influencers promoting weight loss products when in reality these influencers have never been in your shoes.

So how can they recommend it? Be very careful of people who are paid to promote weight loss products.

Do your own research to see if it will actually benefit you and if the influencer ever used the product themselves to achieve their goals.

Reason 3: The supplement just does not work

Supplements are not required to be tested and validated like drugs prescribed by doctors are.

This means that they could just be placebos or only have an effect in very small sample groups.

Not all weight loss supplements are the same. Many have different functions and if you do buy one you will want to buy one from a reputable named brand instead of buying them from places which have questionable practises/marketing.

At the end of the day over 90% of your weight loss results will come from a healthy consistent diet and regular exercise.

Theres no real need to buy and use weight loss supplements. If you are struggling to keep on track then have a look at my article on productivity hacks to help in your weight loss journey.

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